The Ultimate Boat-Control Tool

Wednesday, March 12 2014 12:00 pm - for Walleye Fishing
Every year, it seems I spend more and more time using walleye fishing tactics that have me fishing from the bow of my boat – tactics that require pin-point boat control and positioning. Add to that the fact that I have learned that in some trolling situations, controlling the bow of the boat is every bit as important to successful boat control as running the kicker motor in the back of the boat, and it quickly becomes apparent that the bowmount trolling motor is one of the most important boat-control tools an angler can have on his boat. But, not…
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 An organized boat is more comfortable and safer than one cluttered with items on the floor and thrown into storage spaces. In this buyer's guide, I'll discuss some of the basic boat accessories that will keep your vessel organized. Cases, Boxes and Bags Keeping your gear stored in containers is a big part of staying organized while on the water, as well as when loading and unloading your boat. Three storage options are cases, boxes and bags.  Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your individual needs. Cases: A waterproof case can be used to…
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