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He arrived like a ghost. One second there was nothing; the next he was there. I was hunting squirrels in woods behind my east Arkansas home. Chickadees and kinglets buzzed…
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Long-Distance Song Dogs

Monday, December 02 2013 6:00 am - for Predator & Varmint Hunting
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While coyotes can often be called close to the gun, and having one rush in and meet you face-to-face is as exciting as anything in the hunting world, sometimes crafty…
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Prairie dogs dig holes and carry diseases; wherever they dwell, hunters are usually welcome. Some hunters and shooters see summer as the slow period, one where seasons are lacking and…
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Coy as a Coyote

Wednesday, January 23 2013 1:43 pm - for Predator & Varmint Hunting
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Coyotes that will charge in eagerly to investigate a dying-rabbit call are becoming increasingly hard to find. If you like to hunt and kill coyotes today, you'll need to up…
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Coyote Hunting Basics

Tuesday, December 18 2012 5:07 pm - for Predator & Varmint Hunting
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I took a much needed deep breath. I had been squealing hard on a diaphragm turkey call for five minutes or more. Indeed, that is not an effective turkey calling…
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