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The mercury in the thermometer has swollen to nearly reach the 100-degree mark, and the sun is bearing down unmercifully as you stand by the river's edge. Your annual fly-fishing…
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Of all the different freshwater game fish available to anglers, one of the favorite target species for fly anglers would have to be the steelhead trout. The steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus…
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Backtrolling for Steelhead

Tuesday, June 25 2013 4:00 pm - for Trout Fishing
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I'll never forget my first experience with the unique sport of back trolling for steelhead. I was fishing with Les Wedge and Cliff Creech, fishery managers for New York State,…
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Catching Cutthroat Trout

Friday, June 14 2013 4:00 pm - for Trout Fishing
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With their uninhibited willingness to quickly gobble down flies, the brilliant coloration and tell tale cutthroat marks adorning the underside of its jaws; the cutthroat trout has to be one…
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The drift looked perfect. I had cast a No. 12 Pheasant Tail bead-head nymph into the head of a small, dark pool on southern Missouri’s Barren Fork Creek, one of…
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Brook Trout Basics

Friday, May 17 2013 7:00 am - for Trout Fishing
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Brook trout are a truly magnificent species of fish. If you're ever lucky enough to get a chance to fish for brookies and catch a few, you will witness a…
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Mini Jig Fishing for Trout

Tuesday, May 14 2013 7:00 am - for Trout Fishing
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From the gracefulness of fly fishing to burning the water with spinners, many different techniques and tackle have been proven to fool trout time and time again. One of the…
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Scout for Trout

Tuesday, April 16 2013 7:00 am - for Trout Fishing
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For too many anglers a fly-fishing trip begins with a hurried arrival in a parking lot or by the water, then a flurry of tugging on waders, pulling lines through…
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Best Bet for Brown Trout

Thursday, April 04 2013 12:25 pm - for Trout Fishing
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The brown trout (Salmo trutta) is possibly the most popular of all the trout species targeted by fly fishers. Be it their willingness to rise to dead-drifted dry flies or…
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Inline Spinner Trout Tactics

Saturday, March 30 2013 12:00 pm - for Trout Fishing
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As effective as flies are for duping large trout, inline spinners have a unique way of persuading lackadaisical fish to bite. Spinner fishing is not a foreign technique for most…
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