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Snook (centropomus undecimalus) are generally found along the structure of inshore brackish ecologies. Because of its temperature tolerance range and tropical/Central/South American origins, "USA snook" are only found in quite…
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A shiny red-and-white fishing plug floated past our boat in the Gulf of Mexico, as we cast for trout on the Steinhatchee grass flats. It was a good find and…
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Fishing for sharks on the flats is a thrilling experience. Learn about the tactics and tackle you'll need to catch these shallow-water hunters. There are so many exciting grails to…
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Captain Benny Blanco piloted his sleek Maverick flats skiff across the green expanses of Florida Bay and slowed down at the "entrance" to Snake Bight. He then cut the engine,…
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A Landmark Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Management was recently unveiled by Policy and Industry Experts. A blue ribbon commission recommends enhanced fisheries management while upholding saltwater recreational fishing’s economic,…
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Flats Fishing for Redfish

Tuesday, January 21 2014 10:00 am - for Saltwater Fishing
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The redfish (or red drum) has a huge range of distribution, spanning Virginia all the way down to the Texas Gulf Coast. This benefits countless shallow water marine anglers in…
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Sheepshead Provide

Wednesday, January 01 2014 6:00 am - for Saltwater Fishing
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Everyone remembers their first time, and I certainly remember my first sheepshead. I was 15 and it was December, and I was using a spool of 12-pound mono for a…
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Beach Shark Fishing

Monday, December 23 2013 6:00 am - for Saltwater Fishing
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When I began my customary pre-article research, I'd thought my sharking knowledge was pretty thorough from years of fishing them on the flats. But my ensuing investigative work of beach…
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Cut Baiting for Tarpon

Friday, November 29 2013 12:00 am - for Saltwater Fishing
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The international range of tarpon (megalops atlanticus) stretches from West Africa to the southeastern USA, Gulf of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. In those locales, tarpon…
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Redfish Autumn Run

Monday, October 14 2013 6:00 am - for Saltwater Fishing
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Marilyn Giessel in Port O'Connor, Texas, with a trophy-size redfish caught on a jig after sight-casting in 20 feet of water. The fall redfish run is no myth. Not only…
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