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No thrill in angling can match that of a hungry bass chomping down on a surface lure the size of a rat. But finding such aggressively-feeding fish is unfortunately the…
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Smaller rivers and large creeks often harbor excellent smallmouth bass populations. Because these places require extra effort to get to, these populations often see fairly light fishing pressure. Such places…
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The toad's soft-plastic legs kicked out a steady, gurgling tempo as it swam over a 6-foot weed flat. The sound was too steady, I thought to myself. Too predictable, too…
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6 Little Known Methods for Bass

Thursday, May 15 2014 6:00 am - for Bass Fishing
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Slow-roll a spinnerbait. Twitch a topwater. Burn a crankbait. Hop a worm. These are standard techniques that most bass fishermen use. They are fundamentals of this sport, like blocking and…
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Dock fishing is a no-brainer when it comes to bass fishing. But how many of us routinely delve under the dark recesses of these man-made structures? Fishing docks is a…
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As I peered through the glass, a lot of information I'd gathered over the years about largemouth bass suddenly crystallized in one image. I was in a scientific viewing room…
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No other form of bass fishing conjures up as much excitement as the technique of sight fishing. I liken it to a strategic chess match played out on water —…
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Topwater Tactics for Spring Bass

Tuesday, March 18 2014 6:00 am - for Bass Fishing
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In this article: Overview of Topwaters in Early Spring | Topwaters and Methods for Early Spring Bass | Tips for Catching Early Spring Bass on Topwaters As an avid bass…
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Score Big Bass on Your First Trip of the Year

Wednesday, February 19 2014 3:28 pm - for Bass Fishing
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It's your first bassin' trip of the year. Make it count by using these five early-season strategies from legendary anglers. At least one of them is guaranteed to catch bass…
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Cold Water Bass Lures

Monday, January 13 2014 10:00 am - for Bass Fishing
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Bass, as you probably know, are cold-blooded creatures, meaning their body temperature is the same as that of their surroundings. As the water temperature drops, so does their metabolic level.…
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