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Loud, persistent calling can turn ducks farther than most hunters believe. Callers who have strong lungs and a ringing call can attract these birds over long distances of open water.…
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Five Wingshooting Tips

Thursday, October 24 2013 3:00 pm - for Waterfowl Gear & Technique
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Bird hunters are often fanatics that are dedicated to the pursuit of their favorite wingshooting quarry. Traditionally, they invest in the best guns, the best equipment and the best places…
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In the South, some tornadoes are to be feared; others are to be welcomed. This tornado was in the latter category. It was a cyclone of ducks — a vortex of…
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Millions of ducks and geese come down the flyways each fall, just as they have done for eons. Likewise, thousands of waterfowl hunters lie in wait, hoping to coax a…
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